Friday, March 18, 2011

Outfit of the Day+My favorite accessory

Ok guys......happy Friday!!! This might be my only post today, because when my husband gets home from school early this afternoon we are heading to Asheville!! It takes us about 3 1/2 hours to drive to Asheville from our home, which can be a long time in the car for a toddler. We always try to leave right at naptime so the boy can sleep most of the way in the car. Since we are hopping in the car and peace-ing out right when Eric gets home, it's up to me to get the car all packed!! It serves me right though...because I am guilty of over-packing, especially when it comes to clothes/shoes. Usually Eric has to suffer the consequences of loading my 50 lb. suitcase (for one weekend hehe) into the car, but today I have to reap what I sow! So...I will be pretty busy today, but don't worry...I am sure our Spring Break in the mountains will be blog-tastic and you will hear all about it. So......goodbye for now!!!

Here is what I am wearing for the ride...something comfy!!
Skinny jeans from jcpenny....light cotton t-shirt (breathable cotton for the stuffy car!)
Handmade scarf.......yes I even sewed the fringe on, one strand at a time!!!
And of gold watch. Which brings me to...........
My favorite accessory for spring=Gold boyfriend watch..
.it adds a chic touch to any outfit. My watch is Guess brand, and was a Christmas present from my husband. I think it was around $160...and most of the ones we looked at were around that price. Michael Kors makes some beautiful boyfriend watches, and they run around $250, if you are looking to splurge. This is a GREAT thing to splurge's a piece that you can keep forever, mine even came with a 10 year warranty, so I am hoping for AT LEAST ten years out of it.
HOWEVER......if my husband hadn't bought me this for Christmas, I myself would not be going out and buying any kind of accessory that costs upwards of $100 at this point in my life. If you are interested in accessorizing your outfits with a boyfriend watch this Spring but don't want to spend that kind of money, I have some great suggestions.
This watch is from Shock boutique, and is only $30!! Click on the watch to visit the website and check it out!!!

You can also check out Wal-mart...because I actually found one there that was my backup plan if my husband didn't come through for me, haha...

And are out there at affordable places everywhere!!

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