Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Barbie nails are here, and they're ready to shop

So...we made it to grandpa's house yesterday evening and Gabriel was so excited to see everyone. But, like always, here it is, just me and him up for three hours before everyone else, just hanging out at 'grandpa's' waiting for everyone else to wake up. This kind of automatically puts G baby in a bad mood, because he doesn't get why he's at grandpa's house but it's still just him and boring old mommy! BECAUSE GABRIEL...YOU GET UP WAY TOO EARLY!
I am glad to be up though, because I am way excited about my girls' day with my Ma and sister Megan. The plans are to shop in downtown Asheville, sleepover at my Ma's where I am sure we will be fed a delicious and organic dinner, Asheville style of course, and then brunch tomorrow at someplace local. I have only slept away from both Eric and G baby ONCE before since G baby was born! Eric and I have taken two trips sans Gabriel...a three-day vacation to visit his friend in Ft. Lauderdale right after I stopped nursing Gabriel (so I needed a little break after being attached at the boob to him for 13 months...he literally never took a bottle, so we never went 4 hours or so without seeing each other......literally), and then our wonderful Honeymoon last summer at Daytona Beach. It's so weird because on those trips, I wasn't pining away to see my baby like everyone thought I would. I was.......enjoying myself!!! It was great!! But both times, I wasn't prepared for how I felt when we came home and I saw him for the first time in 4 days. It was like I didn't miss him that much until I saw him again, and then was just overcome with love and happiness to hug him and kiss his little face. It was like....while I was sleeping in and laying on the beach, I completely forgot how freaking cute you are!!
Totally off the topic of this post.....I have had plenty of time this morning to get some rockin' nails going on for my day out. I am still obsessed with the sparkly nails manicure...and it's still because I am sick of being depressed about screwing up my nails, and this is pretty much foolproof!
 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink.....I used two coats, and then followed with a topcoat.

 My sidekick was busy staging bus crashes (wrong in so many ways) while I was working...he loves buses, and as you can see, every birthday/christmas someone buys him at least one

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Anonymous said...

at least he has the rescue crew standing by.

Hmmmm, delicious organic meals? I was thinking taco salad.