Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet shopping finds at Target and Michael's+outfit of the day

After brunch this morning, I dragged my mother out to Target and Michael's, since I have a few more hours of shopping freedom before I get picked up by my husband and G baby (who have been having a great weekend together at my dad's according to reports). I LOVE target...cute trendy stuff at affordable prices. It's like Wal-marts chic and refined older sister. The closest Target to my house is in the big city of Charlotte...about 50 minutes away from my house! The only thing toddlers like less than being dragged around a store, is being dragged around a store after an hour's drive, and then stuck back in the car seat for another hour to get home. Needless to say, my world is sadly devoid of routine target trips, so I try to hit it up every time I'm visiting my Ma because it's ten minutes down the road. And for good measure, we went to Michael's too since it's nearby and I know they have a decent amount of beads.
I found some good beads, BUT, I also found some other great stuff as well!
I found this stuff in the dollar bins at Michael's...a monogram journal, monogram stack of post-its, and the cutest arty little picture frame. I also got some good Easter basket items for Gabriel. (Not pictured)

I also got these awesome gladiator sandals for 24.99...I love these because they have a TEENY heel...which will make your legs look longer and leaner when you wear them with shorts, but they're still comfortable. If you are looking to buy a pair of sandals this summer, I recommend finding one with a heel like this...not only will it make your legs look better, but believe it or not, a slight heel instead of a completely flat sole will actually give your feet more support and are more comfortable to walk in.

I also scored these adorable sunglasses for $12. They are super comfy and I love the cat-eye look:

Ok...this is my outfit of the day...yesterday.

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