Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not your average blog, because I'm just an average girl

As much as I love blogging about beauty and fashion, I really want this blog to be more. I have been searching for blogs to 'follow' and although I have found some great ones, it seems that I just can't find one that fits me. They're either all about 'mommy' stuff...and I mean...I can only read so much about this brand of wheat flour, or that brand of sippy cup without getting really bored or depressed because I don't get to try out all that hip baby and kid stuff because of lack of money. I also find that many of the makeup or fashion blogs are out of my realm as well. Yeah...I like seeing couture clothes and I appreciate high fashion, but let's face it...most of us will never be able to buy those things, so advice on what to buy from Prada's Fall 2011 line is useless for me. I have never bought brand-name I don't care what the best of the best is out there...I care about what great products I can find at my local drugstore and actually buy and use. And...I don't want to just look at picture of clothes and makeup all day, I want to read something interesting, with character...especially when it comes to lifestyle blogs or mommy blogs, if you don't feel like you know and like the person writing them, why would you want to read about their life?
I want to bring you all a blog that I can't find elsewhere...a little bit of everything, because that's who I am. No...I am not the know-all of fashion, or a makeup guru...I am not a gourmet chef, or the mom that has found every tried-and true baby product out there. But I think I am an interesting person, with interesting ideas that I want to share. I am moved by fashion, and I use that to incorporate into every day dressing...I cook dinner for my family night and have required a fair amount of skills in the kitchen, as well as some great recipes...I experiment with makeup and have found great products that work...and I research these topics because I have a lot of free time and a thirst for being the best me that I can be.
So please continue reading...

With all that are my latest jewelry creations...and I am actually getting proud of these things!! If you want to make your is really easy and affordable. I have so far been getting all my supplies from wal-mart (though next week I'm going to some craft stores in Asheville, NC and am super excited!) and have been using 20g gold beading earring findings (that's what they call the earring hooks) and beads...the only tools I have used are needle nose pliers and wire cutters, both from my husband's toolbox. If you have a toolbox of any kind in your house, you probably have these two tools. Just work with it...I haven't used any kind of instruction yet, and I am sure there are a TON if videos on how to bead and stuff on youtube, I just haven't checked any out yet.


Megan said...

Those are really cute Leah! I like the ones with the double strands of bright colored beads. I bought myself some wire working tweezers and a small pair of wire cutters that I use when doing jewelry. They were inexpensive but probably a little easier to work with then the tools you might find in your average men's toolbox. There's a really neat bead store downtown asheville that I've got some nice stuff's kinda neat cause you can pick specific gems and beads and pay per piece/weight or buy bulk too if you want. See you next weekend!

Lauren said...

Your life will never be the same. :)

Wholesale prices on jewelry components and beads and stuff. I love their freshwater pearls for like $4 a strand. My mom has an entire room filled with her firemountain purchases.

This sounds like a total spambot comment haha, but I'm addicted to all of the charms and findings that you can get there for far far cheaper than most stores and even places like walmart, and their quality is AMAZING.

It's also asssortable, so if you order 10 different things, you get a cheaper rate per item than if you ordered like 4 things, and a cheaper rate on each of 20 things if you get twenty instead of 10 and so on.

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