Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrifty Thursday on this last day of June...

Hello everyone!
I know I haven't been posting much, but my husband and I have been knee deep in spiders, building supplies, and tools-we've been cleaning out the unfinished storage room in our basement so we can turn it into our exercise room. Seriously, google "Wolf Spider" and you will know what I am dealing with. Seriously, no exaggeration at all, these things are tarantula size.
That's one of the things I've noticed about marriage that I like though-before Eric, if you had given me the task of cleaning out a room like that, or staining our porch, or cleaning out the patio, I would have been like....pass! keep it dirty!!
But now I almost enjoy tackling challenges with our super-married-teamwork. I like working hard alongside my husband and then seeing the results of our sweat.
Minus the spiders!! The first day wasn't so bad because I didn't really see any monsters, but yesterday when I saw one that had a body that was probably an inch in diameter (it was dead, but still) I felt myself going a little green around the edges. I tried to keep moving stuff out but I think my husband noticed and told me to take a break, and then luckily the G baby woke up from his nap so I was done with my duties for the day.
here is my thrifty finds for you this week!

Okay first, my finds from Francesca's Collection. For those of you who don't know about this store, I am telling you now, yes you are hearing it here FIRST! jk. But really...I try hard to find online boutiques to share with you that are either new or just little-known. And this one is a GEM! Click on one of the links below the next four pictures to visit this store's website.

Windswept Skirt-Francesca's Collection $19.98

Jai Top-Francesca's Collection $9.98

Neutral Ways Bag-Francesca's Collection $9.98

Race Against Time Watch in Blue-Francesca's Collection $9.98

Final Destination Blue Skirt-Shop $27

Social Butterfly Blazer-Shop $42

Striped Sheath Skirt-Zara $29.99

Two-toned Skirt-Zara $19.99
TFNC Layered Chiffon Dress-Asos $24.13

Happy Shopping everyone!!




Christa said...

BOOO for spiders!!

Diane said...

Love Francescas! But HATE wolf spiders! I have a bit of arachnophobia anyway and those things send me screaming,jumping and running like a crazy person. My skin started crawling just reading "wolf spider"! Eek!