Saturday, June 25, 2011

False Information

So in case you haven't noticed...from now on, every time I use a new makeup or beauty product, I am going to rate it using a five-star system for you guys!
I am also going to do it for the makeup that I already have...if I feel it's worth mentioning!
This is my official review for "The Falsies". If you love a dramatic eye look and want to know if this mascara can really make you look like you are wearing FALSE lashes, then read below to find out!

First, I will actually show you how this mascara makes your lashes look. Here is my eye, with all my makeup done except mascara.

                               Before                                                                                       After
I would rate this mascara a 3.5 out of 5. I do think it helps you achieve a dramatic look for your eyes, but it's not in an over-the-top kind of 'false lash' look. So while I do think that this is a great mascara for a night out, it's not a miracle.
Okay, pros:
Makes lashes look dramatically fuller and longer
Doesn't flake too much (like a lot of 'dramatic' mascaras)
Lasts all day, but washes off easily with face soap or makeup remover

kinda clumpy
takes a while to get used to the brush so you won't clump it
I went through the tube pretty fast-and I don't even wear mascara every day!

Overall, I would buy this mascara again...but my search for the perfect mascara goes on, lol! Next I think I am going to try Covergirl lashblast has gotten some pretty nice reviews-I"ll let ya know how it goes!



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