Monday, June 13, 2011

Outfit of the day: Surf Shop finds!

There is this amazing surf shop in Daytona Beach that we have went to both times we visited, called Maui Nix.
Yes, they totally have a website, and you can buy stuff off of there as well. Mainly, why I love it, is because they have tons and tons of adorable beachy clothes by Billabong, Roxy, Volcom, etc., as well as bags and shoes, sunglasses, and of course swimsuits! We bought my husband some Oakley sunglasses there last year, which was awesome because as much as I want my husband to love it when I buy him clothes, he's just not into it....but he does love-sunglasses! Side note, if you have a man if your life that just doesn't seem to care about what he wears, maybe he will be interested in sunglasses? For some reason they seem to be an exception?

ANYWAYS, here is my outfit of the day, me wearing my new cute sundress by Billabong. And yes, dresses make the best souvenirs, no matter where you go. I will swear by it.

(If you look closely, you can also see my Sally Hansen gold glitter nail strips. Which are STILL on my nails, but not really lookin so good.

I went shopping with my mother today (because we are STILL in the mountains) at Target and World Market, and it was awesome. Gabriel went with us and managed to get free stickers from the dressing-room attendant at Target and then a free piece of chocolate from the manager at World Market. I swear people are always giving my kid free that normal?? I don't remember getting free chocolate as a kid, wtf! I got an amazing water-resistant raincoat at Target on clearance, and talked myself out of buying 3 dresses that I tried on and loved, because as a stay-at-home mom, I am not in any kind of dire need for more dresses. I need t-shirts and pajamas. And socks. But definitely no dresses. On that note, before today, I had a toddler that was amazing in stores. He loves to check toys out but takes "No Gabriel, we aren't going to take that home with us today" with grace and dignity that are far beyond his two years. But today, he threw his FIRST in-store tantrum, over a PILLOW BUDDY! For those of you who are not aware, these things are like soft-plushy toddler crack rocks. You should look it up.
Also worth mentioning, WORLD MARKET!!! I have been in World Market before, but it had probably been a couple years. This store is awesome, and isn't as outrageously-priced as I remember. They have to-die-for scarves, jewelry, dishes, and house decor. Not to mention all the imported food-LOVE!
See you tomorrow for toddler Tuesday!



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