Saturday, June 18, 2011

Everybody needs a little Bliss...

I was lucky enough to recently discover Bliss, an online boutique chocked full of amazing clothing-finds at prices that even budget fashionistas like me can afford ; ) Bliss boutique was started in 2009 by Wendy Chang, who I was fortunate enough to 'meet' via email. Her vision has been hit right on the mark-an online shopping site that offers trendy but unique quality boutique pieces in the kind of price range that makes them available to everyone. It's like the adorable local clothing boutique that you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to visit! And you'll want to visit frequently-Bliss posts new arrivals on a frequent basis!
And you also don't have to worry about many of the risks associated with online shopping, you know-how scary it can be buying a dress without trying it on-what if it doesn't fit? What if the color doesn't look right? 
Shipping on orders over $25 are free-and if you need to return an item, you will receive full store credit, including the return shipping cost! Also, if you follow Bliss on facebook or subscribe to their emails, you can gain info on exclusive offers and deals, and save even more! 

I received a white, long sleeve bamboo-fabric top from Bliss, and it's easily one of my favorite pieces of clothing I have owned ever! If you aren't familiar with eco-friendly bamboo fabric, it feels like SILK, and is totally washable, light, and easy to wear. Wait, you are thinking...'you can buy a white long sleeve top anywhere', but take a closer look-what makes this top so special is the way it is designed to flatter a woman's body despite the relaxed silhouette. The sleeves on this top are designed to fit tight from the forearm down, which gives you shape and keeps the top secure despite it's sexy a-little-off-the-shoulder look. It also drapes beautifully, making you look relaxed and effortless instead of shapeless. Check out all the things I could do with this top, below! (And to check out this top at Bliss's site, look for the link I posted below the pics)

Get your own long sleeve bamboo top below!
click here to check this top out on Bliss's website

And of course, there are many other wonderful things that you can find at Bliss as are a few of my favorites!

Image property of Bliss
Image property of Bliss
This top is magnificent, and here's why-I love the cut-out back, it's one of the best ways to look sexy in an unexpected way. Unfortunately though, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to wear a bra with something that is either backless or just really low in the back. The print and ruffle on the front of this shirt make it possible to skip wearing a bra (unless you absolutely can't skip the support) and not have your lady-parts staring everyone in the face! Not to mention the stand-out print if stunning!!
if you'd like to view this top on Bliss's website, click here

Image property of Bliss
I am totally in love with this dress!
view this dress at their site here!
Image property of Bliss
I can just look at this top and tell it's super-comfy. I love the shape it gives you too!
click here to see this at Bliss's shop!
Image property of Bliss

see this dress on Bliss's webpage
Image property of Bliss
I am just glad I didn't see this dress before my anniversary a couple weeks ago-because I would have bought it and made my husband renew his vows to me in it. You escape this time Eric! (But seriously, this dress is so dainty and pretty with the lace, you could use it for a casual budget-wedding dress!)
click here to see more!

Image property of Bliss
to see this top at Bliss, click here!
Image property of Bliss
 Okay, when I saw the Envirosax bags, I almost died!! These bags are washable, foldable (for easy purse-storage) and strong enough to hold your groceries in! And...Bliss offers them to you at $10.50, which is just crazy-good. How beautiful is the print above?
 Click here to see Bliss's collection of Envirosax bags

Thank you so much to Wendy at Bliss for helping me with this amazing post. Congratulations on creating such a beautiful and inspiring company.

Also, special thanks to my husband, for spending my son's nap-time taking these photos for me...we can sleep when we're dead honey! 



Mila said...

Leah, you are seriously gorgeous! With all that height I'm surprised you're not a model! Bliss seems amazing, I'm about to check it out right now.

Megan said...

You really did a great job on this blog and I love that Bamboo top!! I can't believe it's so cheap! Bamboo is always so expensive...I think I'm gonna be naughty and order one for myself this payday :)