Sunday, June 19, 2011

For my Dad

To my Dad-

When I was 17, I wanted an old used gem of a BMW convertible but you bought me a sensible Honda instead (and now I haul my own child around in it).
You taught me the value of a father sitting down and talking to his child, a wisdom that I can pass on to my husband.
I learned to fish, but you still always baited the hook for me and took the fish off, no matter how old I got (up until now, because it's MY turn to take the fish off the hook for my own child...yuck!)
My siblings and I weren't those kids that got everything they wanted-but when I really REALLY wanted something, you went to great lengths to get it-I dream of Jeannie Barbie, the perfect tiara to wear to my middle school dance, a roll top desk for an aspiring writer, and the metallic green cellphone for a college freshman.
The biggest gift you have given me though, is being a father that I and my brother and sister can count on. Doesn't sound like much? Read it again-it's everything.  

With his firstborn, my sister Megan

Family photo, before baby brother Ben was born

This is him and my brother when we lived in Maine-they're lumberjacks, get it?

Yep-that's me!

Superheros, him and my sister Megan
 This is my dad as "grandpa-claus", making his second annual appearance last Christmas.
Photo by Lauren D Rogers

By the way, Dad, I hid your father's day gift while we were in town in the spare closet next to the pool room.  It's in a green bag!! Thought you could use it next time you're on the river or one of your other various outdoor adventures. I love you Dad!

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