Friday, June 17, 2011


Every time we venture into the jewelry section, Gabriel runs to the nail polish, finds a bright blue bottle, and yells "Bu!! Bu!!!" at an embarrassing volume. I finally made his whole year by buying "Blue me Away" by Hard as Nails. When it comes to nail polish, I guess an almost-three-year-old is the best authority, because this stuff ROCKS!
 The biggest struggle I always have with every single brand of nail polish is how many coats I have to put on to get rich, even color. This is ONE COAT YA'LL!! ONE COAT!!
 I am not usually blown away by Sally Hansen Nail Products, in fact, I find Revlon and Covergirl nail polish to be highly competitive in quality and better priced, but their Hard as Nails line is only around $2, and it's f**kin awesome. Yeah, that's right-so awesome I broke out the asterisks. 
I also think this shade of cerulean blue is just right-bright but not gaudy or childish. This is right up there with my orchid-colored Revlon polish (blogged about here)as my favorites right now!!

I even did my toes-

Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend!!



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