Monday, June 20, 2011

Our First Anniversary

Our First Anniversary

As you probably know already (if you follow my blog on a regular basis), Eric and I spent our first wedding anniversary at Daytona Beach, Florida, at the same hotel where we spent our honeymoon last year. Our honeymoon by chance ended up being at this beach-we had reservations for a Hilton in Pensacola Fl, but when the month before our wedding arrived and the news kept saying that the BP oil spill was headed DIRECTLY for the Florida gulf coast any day, we became more and more concerned that our beach honeymoon would be ruined and finally searched around for an alternative. Neither of us had ever been to Daytona-I was thinking huge crowds, race cars, and beer, but we decided to chance it anyways. It was great!! We had the hotel almost to ourselves, and the beach was pristine and almost empty as well. It made for a relaxing, romantic stay-that's why we were so eager to return.
  I think it's just going to be our special spot, and I'm hoping that if we got there this year (with hardly any money) we will somehow make it a point to return often.

This is us being cool (lol)

I thought the pool looked beautiful in the lights-this is about 8 p.m.-see? No one there!

Eric just relaxing on our hotel bed

Yes...we brought the top tier of our cake-all the way from our freezer to my dad's freezer (because we stayed at his house for E's internship at the hospital for two weeks before leaving for the beach), and then in a cooler all the way to the beach! And it survived!!

I had to be very strategic to get a picture with Eric actually sporting a big can see me laughing in the reflection on his sunglasses-because I was holding the camera down to where it was pointing at his face and then trying to make him laugh...score!!

 Probably one of my favorite parts of our trip was the car ride down to the beach though-it takes about 9 hours, and we talked and talked the whole time. When you have small children, sometimes you don't realize how little time or energy you have on a daily basis to just talk and connect with your partner-and damn it felt good!
Love you Eric ; ) 




Nhan Tran said...

Hi Leah! Could you please let me know which hotel that you stayed in, and was it so close to the beach that you could walk to the beach? I hope to spend our anniversary at Daytona beach too. Thanks!

Olga said...

awe!!! SO much FUN!!

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