Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beach Chic

So I've posted a few outfits that I wore at night out to dinner while at the beach, but here is some of my literally beach fashion!! I swore to myself I would buy only ONE bathing suit this season, because last year after feeling like I was fully recovered from my pregnancy, and way excited about my honeymoon (yes, almost two years after giving birth) I bought 4 or 5 swimsuits.
This year, I wanted a one-piece. I love the idea of a one-piece for a few reasons-I won't have to worry about losing a top or bottom in the waves, I don't have to worry about stuff falling out if I have to chase around my G baby (because later in July we are going to the beach), and because......*tear* though I escaped stretch marks on my stomach, for some reason my upper stomach has some discoloration on it. It's not too bad, and I still wear bikinis, but it's enough to make me mildly self-conscious. And I'm also afraid that the more sun I get, the worse it will look.
On the other hand...I'm still a really young woman, with a young husband, and I don't want to look frumpy compared to the other women my age. So here's my perfect one-piece-one shoulder, black, with a cut-out!

Here's another tip: If you're on the tall side like me, (I'm 5'9) you probably find that most one piece suits are uncomfortable, because they're just not long enough for you. I have two solutions for this-either get a suit that ties behind the neck and isn't too low cut (so you can let it sit lower without showing too much cleavage) OR find a place that sells suits in long torso, which is what I did for this suit. I bought my suit from Delias (and there suits are 40% off right now), but a few other places that I know of that do long torso are: Land's End, Athleta, Alloy, Newport News, and Eddie Bauer.
To head down to the beach, I threw on a slightly oversize tunic that I bought on clearance this winter at Goody's (might be a store we only have in the south, I'm not sure?), hoop earrings, and sunglasses. And yes I have my purse, which is not usually an accessory that I bring to the beach. But this was the morning we checked out of the hotel and headed home, we just had to get an hour's more beach time before we left!


Michelle said...

You have an amazing body so go show it off with that beautiful bathing suit! I might just have to get one myself!

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