Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Travel Time

I always have the hardest time trying to figure out what to wear when I travel. The weirdest thing happened while I was pregnant and has stayed with me ever since-I have became resistant to wearing bras, thongs, form-fitting shirts, and jeans. My comfort level no longer tolerates that stuff...especially when I travel. (Not to say I don't ever wear those things, but I am a change-back-into-your-pajamas-as-soon-as-you-get-home kinda girl for sure. So traveling......I don't want to look like complete crap because I will be seen by the general public, especially when I am traveling to my hometown (because on one wants the people they went to high school with to see them looking like they rolled out of bed) but also, I want to be comfortable while packing and unpacking the car, and during the car ride.
I also now refuse to wear foundation and mascara while traveling. This is a new decision I made earlier this year. As I get older, not only am I more comfortable with my own naked face, but I have figured out that it doesn't matter what kind of makeup I use, it is going to feel greasy and nasty after three hours in the car. It took me a long time to learn, but no more!
All that said, this is what I wore to leave the beach in and head by to NC. It was comfortable, and it was cute.

Stretch-knit white shorts-Walmart...I feel like these are a wee step above lounge-wear because they have pockets. ...right?
Chartreuse tanks-Walmart...I am wearing two of these layered over one another...so I don't have to wear a bra. Because these tanks are pretty thin, and wearing a strapless bra in the car is just not something I am down for. These tanks are part of Wal-mart's OP collaboration that they've had going for a few years now. I always find some cute OP tanks at Wal-mart every summer.
Blue leopard print scarf-Dollar General...Yep, this is my favorite light-weight scarf, and it was only $5. I found it at Dollar General once while I was going in to buy Q-tips. You just never know!
Gladiator flat sandals-Target
 Gold watch and earrings
I even came up with a solution to not wearing makeup...any time I had to get out of the car, I would throw on some big sunglasses and a swipe of lipstick. 

Working on my G baby post for later!!



The Tiny Team said...

YOu're so cute, I bet you guys will go someplace wonderful!


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