Monday, June 20, 2011

Makeup Review: Physician's formula gel eyeliner

Hello guys!!!
I hope everyone had a great weekend and an amazing Father's Day! We had a great day yesterday, it's awesome that our used-to-be-baby is now old enough to bust out with a "Happy Fada's day Dada!!" for my husband. And, I found an affordable guitar for a gift for my husband too, which he has been happily learning on. 
So, this post is for some eyeliner that I recently bought at Wal-mart (but is available pretty much everywhere makeup is sold), and I just want to make it clear that this is something I bought and tried for my own purposes but just want to share it with you!
I was really interested in buying some eyeliner that would make my eyes pop-and since I've never really cared for liquid eyeliner I decided to try a cream gel instead.
This is what I tried:
Shimmer Strips Custom Eye-enhancing Gel CreamLiner
(yes, that is the whole title-wtf is up with it being so long?)
 This liner comes with black with blue flecks, midnight blue, and brown liner. This is actually the set intended for blue eyes, but I really wanted the blue liner, so I got this one though I have brown eyes.
 Overall, I would give this product a 4 out of 5.
I found that it went on VERY easily, and the little brush that came with it gave me excellent control-this is actually the first time that I have lined my ENTIRE eye and really like it. (It usually just looks......weird.)

It was somehow cleaner and easier to use than a pencil, but with the wow factor that a liquid would have.
The only reason why I didn't give this product a 5 was because of the colors-I was hoping for a shimmery (like the title) and metallic POP of color, which just didn't happen. The colors were just dark, which is fine for liner, but not what I was hoping for.

I do have a small tip though, if you're going to use this or any cream or gel liner-apply a base of dark shadow first, which will help make it look more blended and natural, but mainly this will help the creamy texture actually stay on your eyes.
                    This is the part I am talking about-lining the inner corners of your eyes is usually hard for me, but not with this stuff!
                             Nice even clean line
                       Add mascara, and you have one dramatic look that was really easy to achieve. I really like this stuff, and am planning to use the crap out of it!! But my search for the perfect metallic colored liner goes on....


Olga said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOve the eyes!! I will have to try this! I do not know how to apply eye make-up/eyeliner, so I totally want to try this! It looks so pretty/sexy!

Brooke said...

A great review! I'll have to check it out. I don't know how to apply eye shadow either Olga ha.

and oh my goodness I didn't know you lived in NC! That's awesome if we could get together someday!

Misfit said...

I had to try this after seeing rusdinyour review. I used it for the first time this morning, and I love the stuff! I had much more control than with my usual pencil. I bought the set for hazel eyes because that's my eye color, but my hazel eyes often look blue as well depending on what I'm wearing. So, I may go back and get the set with the blue gel.

Thanks for the recommendation, it's a great product!