Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toddler Tuesday

 G baby,

Your dad and I wait with bated breath to see what you will be in this life. You give us glimpses of greatness that makes us wonder if maybe we have created the most ball'n mofo on this planet. Reality drags me down to think that every parent must think this about their child, but still we wonder. This morning you made a 'super vacumn-cleanahhh' using some plastic tubes we had in our junk closet and your dad was so impressed that you are already creating your own inventions (something near and dear to his heart, since he is somewhat of an inventor himself). For such a quiet baby, (squeals and coos were few and far between) you make a lot of noise now. You have a plethora of catchphrases that you like to throw out at maximum volume throughout your day-"BOOMSHACKALACKA!" (no earthly idea where that one came from), "LET'S ROLL MOMMY", "No DUuuuuuuDe!", "Ayah no like Yuuuuuuu", and of course, the always favorable, "ayah miss you so much mommy!" or "Ayah miss you so much daddy!" upon seeing us when we wake up in the morning.
You still have trouble putting your sentences together though, which I think is really cute. Instead of 'what are you doing Dada?' it's more like, "What Dada DOIN?"
Being so isolated out here in the country, you are still so wary of other people. When we're in line to checkout at a store and you are forced to be up close to someone, you usually mutter, "ayah no like people!" which is pretty embarrassing. I am pretty sure the Wal-mart checkout girl knows you are talking about her. Or, if there's a kid you want to approach and check out, you will always say, "Go with me mommy. go with me mommy."
One of the most heartbreaking parts of you being able to talk is me realizing how perceptive you are of others feelings, mostly my own. Whenever you ask me, "mommy sad?" when I think I am hiding it well or "mommy happy now?" when I cheer up some, it makes me realize  how many times you knew I was having a bad day when you were too little to talk, and I thought I could just trudge through with my mothering duties and you would never be the wiser. The beautiful part of that spectrum is when you tell me that your stuffed animals are nice because they have 'nice eyes', or a person in a story is mean because they have 'mean eyes'.
The other day we were just chillin in your room playing with some toys when you leaned your head on me and said, "mommy, ayah special good mommy...CUTE TOO!!" I think it's my favorite thing anyone has said to me.
Right now you are pretending to be our dog Miles, and making me throw a rubber ball for you so you can retrieve it by picking it up using your mouth and then bring it back to me to throw again. It's not sanitary and it's silly, but that's my G baby.

Love you,


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Kara said...

He does sound like a pretty cool cat. I love it when their sentences aren't structured properly too.