Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nautical Blazer refashion tutorial!

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I hoped to get this up earlier but we spent all day pre-G baby naptime outside enjoying our nicely cleaned patio!! It was a nasty job, but it actually took Eric and I much less time than I expected...I also thought we'd run into some snakes during our cleaning, but surprisingly no-just a tree frog, lizard, and quite a few toads.
Anyways, here is a great way to re-fashion an old or outdated blazer, or just give one some pizazz. I have seen so many cute nautical-looking blazers out there, but the vintage ones on Ebay seem to sell out so quick, and new ones are pretty expensive-which is pretty much how it is with any kind of really neat embellishment. If you're dying for a cute navy or white gold-buttoned blazer to achieve a preppy summertime look, CHECK THIS OUT-take any blazer from a thrift store, ebay, etc., and replace it's buttons with some gold ones (or pearl, or jeweled button, whatever you want-I definitely plan to jazz up some of my cardigans this same with but with jeweled buttons).

Nautical Blazer Re-fashion
All you need is:
Needle and Thead, Gold Buttons (I got mine at Wal-mart)

Step One: Remove one button using either a seam ripper or scissors. (I had to use scissors because my trusty seam-ripper that I've had since my Clothing and Design class in high school finally bit the dust) Remove only one button at a time so you won't lose sight of where the buttons need to go.

Step Two: Line up your new button and sew it on! (If you need instructions, here is a video.

Step Three: Repeat with the remaining buttons until you are finished! 
And now you have a fashionable nautical-styled blazer instead of your boring old one! This is especially great for any blazer/cardigan you have that you have lost a button for-don't sweat about finding a perfect match, (unless of course you're in love with that particular button) just replace them all with something better!

                                                                   Me in my stylin' new blazer!

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