Friday, June 10, 2011

Outfit of the Day: More beach nights!

Here's another one of the outfits that I wore while at the beach, again, at night.

I actually bought this dress on clearance from the junior's department at Dillard's. I usually don't shop for junior's sizes, but since this dress was so flowy I wasn't worried about it being too small in the hips-which is my biggest problem with clothing made for teenagers-they don't take into account that you might be thin but have mommy-hips!

Since this dress has a beaded neckline, I didn't wear a necklace, but wore large gold earrings and bracelet/watch instead! I also wore my gold flat sandals. A short floral print dress like this is great for when you're not at the beach too-because it will make you feel like you're there ; )

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Anonymous said...

I love the dress! So cute!