Saturday, June 11, 2011

A dream of great faith

Have you ever had a dream in which you had great faith?
This afternoon while napping with my son, I dreamed that I worked in the restaurant that I worked as a hostess at in high school. It was night-and we were preparing to close up, clean up, and go to our respective homes. The door opens, and an elderly couple comes in. But as I greet them, I see malice and insanity in the old man’s eyes, and I see that he is holding a large stock-barrel shotgun just as he pulls it from out behind his back and starts waving it around. It is a dream and they often don’t make sense, so I don’t now how to explain it, but in the dream I knew-the gun was meant for me. Everyone in the front of the restaurant immediately started screaming and panicking, and basically running for their lives-the natural response to such a threat. But the heart inside my dream-self was peaceful and still, and I quickly dropped to the floor next to the hostess counter, closed my eyes, and started praying quietly out loud to the Lord. I prayed for my family that would go on without me, I prayed for forgiveness for a life not lived perfectly, and I prayed in thanksgiving for each day I had been given. In my dream, I showed the faith to face death that I am not even quite sure I would have in real life. As nightmarish as the dream was, I feel blessed to have had it.



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