Friday, July 1, 2011

Picture of the Day: Husband Love

I am sorry for being a blogging slacker this week. I have a toddler and a bunch of plastic frogs on my lap right now and a million things to do around the house. Plus I have been working like a champ on my jewelry collection, coming to an Etsy store near you very soon. Here is my picture of the day, and a teeny tiny sneak peek at my new jewelry.

"The Lile"

"Aqua Drop earrings"

The "I Dream of Tribal" statement necklace

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I've got some awesome new makeup to share with you, as soon as I actually leave this house and have to put on makeup, lol.




Anonymous said...

So pretty !I Love the necklaces!

Carmen said...

Just an FYI….

I have been reading your blog for awhile now and think that your blog is lovely in every sense of the word. Recently my blog was awarded the “One Lovely Blog” Award…and so now I get to pass it on to you.

You can go here to see what this award means:

Keep up the great work on your blog.


MissRockwell said...

Okay can I say that I just fell on LOVE with you two. Y'all are soo flipping adorable and totally made my heart swoon just now. That's all!