Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Fabulous forever21

                                             Forever 21

Most of you have heard at this brand and probably shopped there-if not for clothes, than for accessories, ON THE CHEAP! But I hate going into their stores-cluttered, loud, and quite overwhelming due to their sheer volume of merchandise. Instead, I shop from their website-you can search for what you want, keep up with their new arrivals, and breathe easy. I found so many great things in their new arrivals section this week, I dedicate my Thrifty Thursday solely to this store! 

earrings-forever21 $2.80
I love jewelry that looks like flowers, but sometimes it borderlines on gaudy. These little stud earrings are sweet and romantic, but not over-the-top.

high-waist denim skirt-forever21 $17.80
This is such a fashion-forward casual look. For less than twenty bucks!

Treasure Chest Necklace-forever21 $4.80

Nautical Bangle Set-$9.80

Bow Sweater-forever21 $17.80

Linen Shorts-forever21 $19.80
All pictures property of Forever21

Beaded Hoops-forever21 $4.80

Happy Shopping!!!



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