Saturday, June 11, 2011

Picture of the day: Sprinkler Time!!

Yep, we're still at my father's house in the mountains...though we got back from the beach a few days ago, my husband is working on some paint stripping (and then re-painting) on my father's garage for him so we are still just hanging out here!
I hooked the sprinkler up for Gabriel outside in the yard, and he had a ball. For some reason, he kept running up to it and then doing his special booty-shaking rock'n'roll dance on top of the water. Side note, he's a really good dancer.

No, he's not upset...that's just his poop face. We got the peepeeing in the potty down, but still no poop. And yes, the wet poopy underwear was a blast to clean up afterward.

Got the poop cleaned up and some fresh undies on, now more rock-n-roll dancing.

Time to roll in the grass a little...

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!  xoxo, L


Megan said...

It's even better to watch in person, lol!

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