Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Wishes (1)

I am linking up with some other bloggers and doing my first Wednesday wishes, a post where you share five wishes for the week.

Wish One

 I wish that I could use the bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips in the pantry to make a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies, eat every one while they're still warm, and not get sick or gain an ounce. 

Wish Two
                                                                         (This pic is from a much previous potty-training try last Fall. Yes, we have tried multiple times)
 I wish that my G baby would poop in the potty today. He has been doing pretty good with potty training (finally) and wears underwear all day except during naptime and when he goes to bed at night-even when we go out in public! most toddlers, he is still not down with pooping in the potty. I am tired of throwing out his cute undies because he has gone to a corner in the room and slyly crouched down and pooped. I want poop in the potty!!

Wish Three
                                                         (This is my G baby when he was one week old...he kept smiling  in his sleep whenever we would say, "G babyyyy...GGG baby...." we couldn't stop laughing.)

I wish that every baby and child in the world today would feel safe, loved, and carefree. 

Wish Four
                                                   (This was a couple years ago, we used to take Gabriel on many backpack riding adventures around our land-we live on 80 acres, such a blessing.)
 I wish for boundless energy. I hate feeling tired, but it seems like I just want to crash at least a couple of times a day. I wish I could feel wide awake and energetic all day long.

Wish Five
                                                           (My long hair that I cut off after going blonde for my wedding. I wanted to have long hair, but start over so I can grow all the bleached hair out and it would be healthier)
I wish that I could go get a haircut that would make my hair longer. I am trying to grow it back out, but it needs a try super bad.

Thank you Brooke from Bright Wishes for the great link-up!!


Brooke said...

These are great wishes. We're starting potty training soon..not looking forward to it! ha and I love your hair long!

Cat said...

Your wish for boundless engergy is a GREAT one :)

Where are our Fairy Godmothers when we need them?!?!

Hope your wishes come true, my dear!

xx Cat brideblu

Sarah said...

What a great list of wishes :D I LOVE the cookies one - I totally feel you on that! It would be so wonderful to eat those cookies and totally not get that too-much-sugar feeling,..

Mrs. H said...

AMAZING WISHES! :)I wish I could help you with number baby magic has happened yet!

And I'm sure ONE cookie wouldn't hurt right?

angelica said...

I wish there was a way to grow hair longer when you get it cut instead of making it shorter! That would be amazing! =]

Elizabeth said...

Great wishes :) And that is one super-cute smiling baby!