Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

                                                                         My Ma

Yes, of course the big brown eyes and long legs, but I think the greatest gift my mother has given me is a natural ability to change in each season of your life, and an example of strength, though I don't know if she has ever thought of it that way. It's funny, but I feel kind of like she has already lived three lives-the cool-girl young woman with the doesn't-care attitude, the devoted christian housewife, and now the hip eco-friendly Asheville resident focusing on school and career. She has adapted to the circumstances that life has given her, and looks forward instead of back. She's accepted the changing tides of her life with resolve, passion, and although I know sometimes she's felt hopeless-an obvious hope and thirst for this life as a whole. I can look at her as encouragement that I won't let myself be run over by my own hardships, and know that the strength that has carried her onwards is inside me too. Happy Mother's day Ma, I love you!!

 My mother-in-law Dianna and her beautiful daughter Katherine
My husband, his sister, his mother, and stepfather

I have been blessed with another special woman in my life-my mother-in-law Dianna. If there is a hero in my life story, it is her. She accepted me into her life with open arms and has been supportive of my little family above and beyond what I could ever have asked. Without her help, I honestly can't imagine how we would have gotten through some days. If it weren't for her and her husband Ben, we wouldn't be in the situation where my husband has been able to go through with going to pharmacy school. She's always encouraged us to accept their help in order to ensure our son's future. She has a special gift for kindness and friendliness that is never fake or forced, and is just an incredibly likable person. She's inspired me by her true desire to put her family first and herself last, no matter how small the issue. Happy Mother's Day mom.

I also thought it's probably been a while since you've seen this picture, and thought it would give you a smile...
(That's my husband and his big sister,'s hard to see at this size, but he's got tears in his eyes and it's obvious he's been crying)

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