Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Target Time!!!

When we lived in Asheville, Target used to be mine, Eric's, and newborn Gabriel's second home. We got groceries, clothes, diapers, house supplies-everything there! Now the closest Target to us is an hour away. So in the past year, I have probably only been to Target about four times (though my husband might argue this number). Making your toddler ride in the car for an hour and then making him shop, and then get back in the car for an hour ride's home just doesn't seem very fair, plus if he falls asleep then it screws up naptime for the day. So we don't make the trip very often...but we did it the other day, and I packed enough snacks and toys and books for him that the car ride actually went well. And I got some amazingggggggggggg stuff!! Check it out!

 The Target I went to didn't have a very big selection of their Calypso collection. I don't know if it was because it was the first day the collection was in stores and so they didn't have it all out yet, or what. But I got this aqua blue rope-neck top and I absolutely love it. The color is amazing and it is lightweight and comfortable-but not sheer.
I also got these silk blend tie-waist shorts that are so elegant, and they were only $20!! They seriously look so expensive and high-quality in person. They came in more colors, but mine are light a mocha-taupe.
Silk pocket tank in CORAL-a color that looks beautiful on everyone. These pants are Target's Converse brand and are actually sweat-pant material. I love the look of all the silk cargo pants that are everywhere, but I think of these as the mommy-version. Washable, stretchy, and cheap, but with the same chic look.

Thank you target-until we meet again.......

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