Saturday, May 7, 2011

When to wash it...

How many times to you wear your favorite pair of jeans before you finally put them in the wash? How about your pjs? Your underwear? Hope that last one is a big huge ONCE!!! Real Simple magazine (which I love, which is how I know I am getting truly domesticated) put together a when-to-wash-it handbook (created by experts-though how you would qualify to be an expert on this subject is beyond me)  for your clothes-and I am going to share it's highlights with you.

JEANS-Wash after 4 to 5 wears. Small spots of dirt hardly show up on denim, and overwashing your jeans is actually not good for them. However, if your jeans contain 2% or more of spandex (jeggings, for example) they stretch out so much after each wear that you probably need to wash them after each use or at least throw them in the dryer for at least 10 minutes, in order to get them back in shape.

Khakis (shorts or pants)-Wash after 2-3 wears. Pretty much the only reason you should wash these more often than jeans is because of the lighter color-which will show more dirt.

Dress pants-Also wash after 4-5 wears. You are probably wearing these types of pants at work (in an air-conditioned office) or somewhere else that is air-conditioned and cool. You can go even longer without washing or dry-cleaning them if you change out of them as soon as you get home.

Jackets and Blazers-Wash after 5-6 wears. Since you would normally wear a jacket or blazer over something, like a blouse or shirt, you aren't transferring bacteria or odor from your body them. Jackets can retain odors though, even if they don't get dirty, so for these, Febreeze is your best friend.

Pajamas-Wash after 3-4 wears (unless you are like me and sometimes wear them all day long). Though you aren't getting your pjs dirty since you're just sleeping in them-you do sweat at night, which can cause them to acquire bacteria.

Swimsuits-Wash after every wear. Think about it-you are wearing them as underwear, and you wouldn't wear your underwear more than once without washing. Handwash your bathing suit in cold water and gentle detergent, DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER-let them airdry.

Tops and Dresses-Wash after 1-3 wears.

T-shirts, tanks, and camis-Wash after every wear. These pieces are close-fitting so they're absorbing oil off your body.

Bras-Wash after 3-4 wears. Bras actually need a 24-hour break from wearing for the elastic to recover-which helps them maintain their shape for longer. I definitely did not know this!

Thanks to Real Simple for the great washing tips!

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