Friday, May 13, 2011

A little about me...

I am still getting in the groove of writing on a regular basis, and I feel that I haven't been quite as personal on this blog as I would like to be. So here's a little more about me, in case you were wondering!

1. Article of clothing you couldn't live without: my knit motorcycle jacket

2.What food item would need to be removed from the market altogether in order for you to live a healthier, longer life?
 chocolate chips so I can't make cookies, or Mr. Goodbars

3. How often do you do laundry? haha...hahahahaha...hahahahahahahahaha...probably two loads a day on average. But I'll admit...laundry is probably my least-hated chore to do.

4. What's your go-to style on a bad hair day? A ponytail. But if it's a really REALLY bad hair day...where your hair even looks greasy and nasty in a pony, I put on a hat and have a bun sticking out and throw on lots of eyeliner and mascara.

5. Do you have a favorite celebrity chef? PAULA DEAN!!! Everything she makes looks delicious...and I've made some of her stuff but try to stay away from it because it's all southern and therefore mostly loaded with fat (but sooo delicious fat)

6. What was the last movie that made you cry? I am not a movie-crier. But near the end of "Click", I cried. Family movies get to me way more than love stories.

7. Did you go to college? If so, what did you major in? I went to UNC-Wilmington and I loved it!!! I majored in psychology and was taking pre-med studies (I wanted to be a psychiatrist). I finished my sophomore year and then had my son...haven't went back yet.

8. What was your first car? A robin's-egg blue '88 volvo.

9. What spice/seasoning is your favorite? Oregano. And I think butter makes almost anything taste more delicious.

10. Do you buy lottery tickets? No...but I had a dark period in my life for a few months before I left for college when I had an addiction to $1 scratch-offs. I would go into the gas station next to the restaurant I worked in every day before my shift and the check-out clerk started automatically ringing up my bottle of water, single black&mild, and $1 scratch-off. Sometimes I won $7.

11. Scruffy or clean-shaven? scruffy!

12. Can you use chop-sticks? mother actually used to live in Japan.

13. What's your favorite piece of jewelry that you own? The strand of Japanese pearls my mother gave me on my wedding day. But piece I wear everyday? My gold boyfriend watch from my husband.

14. What is your favorite breakfast food? I love biscuits, but for daily eating I either have a bowl of Multi-grain Cheerios or Reese's Puffs (which really do taste like candy, and have a satisfying crunch!)

15. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Maybe...20? But quite a few are $10 flats from Wal-mart.

16. What is your go-to way to relax? Sketching always relaxes me...and though I no longer own a piano (*tear) any time that I play the world melts got me through some really rough days in high school, lol!

17. How tall are you? 5'9

18. What food can you absolutely not stand to eat? Fish. So I take fish oil supplements. In 65 years I'll let you know if they've helped me live a longer life.

19. What is your favorite kind of pie? My dad makes the best apple pie in the world. Even better than his mother's-which is who taught him how to make it. He makes the crust from scratch and it's flaky and delicious.

20. What is your favorite t.v. show? I loved the Sopranos, and Six Feet Under...Dexter...anything on HBO

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