Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm a Nasty Gal

OK...I'm not really...but these clothes from totally make me want to be one!!
If you haven't checked out Nasty Gal boutique yet, you really should. I have bought from them before, and was not disappointed. They feature new and unique designers, which is what makes their clothing so special. BUT, what's more-they have an amazing vintage selection, which features some amazing vintage finds that you would actually wear. Chances are, if you buy something at Nasty Gal, you aren't going to bump into someone at the mall wearing the same thing.

 This is actually the BB Dakota dress that my husband bought me in white, seen on my blog here. (They belted it in this pic, but it comes without the belt)

 Lightweight open cardigan for Spring. Coverage without making you sweat!

 Yes, I may be obsessed with blazers. (There are three on this page alone)But this one...come on, it's genious. It's white, draped but fitted, AND, the back is made of chiffon. So it's sheer and lightweight. Because blazers look great, but come on-it's really hot outside.

                               I would be 6'3 in these wedge platforms, but I don't care.
                                          This is one of their vintage pieces-unbelievable, right?

                                      Vintage sunglasses from their vintage collection. They also come in hot pink...and...I can't remember, lol. I think it might have been yellow.
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                                                Yes, please.

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