Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I can almost see it from here...

Urban Outfitters!!!!
Yes, that's right...Asheville is so close and that means Urban Outfitters is close-by too. So I started thinking about it, and realized that I hadn't checked out there online site in a while. Now, you have to understand-a large reason why I started this blog has to do with my addiction to online window shopping-I find so many inspiring things during my purposeless online excursions, and I previously had no way to share them. 
So here's some of what I found at Urban Outfitters-their new Full Spectrum collection was shot by Martin Parr, and it's great. I also found some unbelievable pieces well above Urban Outfitter's normal price range in their Boutique collection-which as the name suggests, features staple pieces by unique designers such as Sessun, Wood Wood, Rodebjer and more.

All pictures property of Urban Outfitters

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Economy of Style said...

Great selections!! I miss having an Urban Outfitters close by. I used to love rummaging through the sales racks in that store.