Saturday, May 14, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Happy Saturday readers and fellow bloggers!!! It's been a great week having my husband home now that he is done with school for the Summer. G baby is finally starting to move past the 'mommy' stage and is really enjoying having his Dada around. They have been working hard getting the yard in shape...Gabriel loves to ride on Eric's lap on the lawnmower, but I think it seems like mowing kind of puts him in a else could an almost three-year-old not get bored sitting still for that long? We have also been working on potty training, though I don't want to say anything yet and jinx week we are leaving for Asheville to stay with my parents while Eric does a two-week internship at a nearby hospital. I am pretty excited about having such a change-of-pace, but REALLY excited about the fact that once the two weeks is up, Eric and I are going on a three-night vacation at Daytona Beach (where we had our honeymoon) to celebrate our one-year anniversary!! Gabriel is going to stay at his Grammy's, and this will only be his third overnight stay away from us EVER...which is always a little stressful, but last time he did great.  But...without further ado, here is my outfit of the day!!

 Ivory blazer (from Ebay)
Cobalt blue floral jersey tank from Target
Gray-brown harem jersey pants from Target
Espadrilles from Victoria's Secret

This top is from Target's Merona easy-care easy-wear collection, which I adore. I bought this top last year, so you won't find it in stores, but they still offer this collection and it's great because these pieces really don't wrinkle, even if you just have them thrown in a drawer. I also love the cut and fit of this top, which I find to be extremely flattering. And you can just throw it in the wash!
I put this picture up of the side view, because I wanted to show how ruffles on the neckline can really disguise a tiny bust.

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Olga said...

such a cute outfit!! Target has some great clothes for great prices!!