Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!!

 I have LOTS of thrifty finds for you guys today!!! Enjoy!!
I hate when my makeup bags get all nasty with use (eyeshadow spillage is usually the culprit). I get my makeup bags from forever21 so I can toss and replace without guilt. This one is only $4.80!

 From a little-known clothing site called Love Culture, this asymmetrical tank for $13.90. Love Culture is super-affordable and the style kind of reminds me of forever21, except they center more around tees and tanks instead of what I would call 'clubbing wear'. View the tank at their site, here

 These pants from Urban Outfitters are similar to the ones I got at Target earlier this week-I love this silhouette, and these are on sale for $19.99

 I love these shorts-paired with a neutral or light blue shirt they would be so chic for evening or daytime. They are 40% off at Urban outfitters for $29.99

 I would normally never pay twenty bucks for a t-shirt, but there are exceptions. The two above from Urban Outfitters are an exception. Both super cute!! (They're both on clearance for $19.99)

 This dress from Lu lu's is amazing. That is all.
The shape of these semi-squared large cat-eye sunglasses is UPER-FLATTERING, and very chic. Snag these from Urban Outfitters for $6.99 Click here to see more of these babies

I am in love with this grecian goddess-style bikini top from And it's only $16.50. Chances are you already have some bottoms that will match!
This zip-back dress from is only $24.99-and comes in a zillion colors that are ALL bright and amazing.

Remember the Hale Bob dresses on my Want it Wednesday list yesterday? They were over $200. This one from M. Frederic looks just like them-and it's only $42.


Jaimee said...

I need new sunglasses and have no sunglass style knowledge! I'm glad you posted these. I just wish the product page had a pic of someone wearing them! I'm *this close* to ordering them.

Anonymous said...

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Have a great day!