Monday, May 9, 2011

I fell off the wagon...

The ebay wagon. I used to live and breathe Ebay for anything to finding a dress from Victoria's Secret that I loved years ago to an inexpensive silk top. Surprisingly enough, since Ebay can be kind of a gamble, I have always been happy with the things I have purchased. AND I sold my wedding dress on there, for $500, which is only $300 less than what I paid for it.
The problem is, for me, Ebay is like a treasure hunt. It's the thrill of the chase-so sometimes I get kind of obsessed and spend wayyyy too much time on there when I am looking for something. This is mostly why I cut myself off. But I'm back, this is what I got:

 A 100% silk Alice+Olivia maxi dress...for $30!!! Alice and Olivia dresses usually retail for upwards of $200. This was pre-owned, but no signs of wear that I notice-probably was only worn once or twice!! It's so light and airy, which is perfect for summer.
And.....I got a white (it's actually ivory) blazer!! This picture doesn't do it justice. It fits perfectly, and I love it...and it cost me........get ready......$4!!!!! With $5 shipping...a total of $9. I could not be happier. When it comes to Ebay, I would say it's great, as long as you don't spend a lot of money. Since most sellers don't take returns, you don't want to risk too much. I am super glad I took these risks though-so worth it!!


Michelle said...

I love that dress! It is beautiful! Maybe I'll start looking on Ebay too if that's what's on there.

Mila said...

Ahh! Maxi dress heaven! It's really is beautiful, I'm looking into getting a yellow dress myself. Your whole outfit with the ivory blazer is fab. Loves it.

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