Monday, May 16, 2011

Brown eyes can have fun too!!

I have often found myself envious of those with green and blue eyes, even hazel-because of how fun it is to 'bring them out' with colors of makeup or clothing. It's not that I dislike having brown eyes...but...they're kind of boring. It probably doesn't help that my best friend of fifteen years has literally electric blue eyes, so when we started using makeup together in middle school, her eyes got bluer and bluer looking and mine got....well...they were just brown.
Through the years I've kind of figured out that purple eye makeup looks pretty good with brown eyes, and I use that from time to time, but one day I read something in a fashion mag (don't remember which one) that completely changed how I put on eye makeup forever.....that blue is actually the color of eye makeup that really brings out brown eyes. I have blogged before about how I occasionally use a swipe of midnight blue eyeliner to make my eyes pop, but today I decided to try something a little more daring...bright blue eyeshadow.
I...loved it!! But here are a few tips, in case you want to try it...

 Before you apply the blue, use a dark bronze shadow in the crease of your eye, so you will get the structure that light blue shadow isn't going to give you.
 Use dark brown (not black) eyeliner on the INNER rims of your upper lids, and wing it out just a bit. The reason that you want to line the inner instead of outer rim is because a dark line across light blue shadow is going to look a little too obvious-lining your inner rim makes the eyeliner blend in with your lashes.
 Use the blue liner only on your lid, not above it. This keeps the look more demure instead of totally 80s.
 Line the inner rim of your bottom lashline with blue eyeliner, and then brush the same bronze shadow you used on your crease along your lower lashine underneath the blue liner. This ties the bronze in, and using bronze with the blue keeps it from looking chalky.
Finish with lots of mascara!!!
Keep your lips bare or just use chapstick (I have Burt's Bees on in this pic). Do not use blush!! Use bronzer instead.

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