Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Trend Alert: Meet Maxi

Remember a few years ago when the world of fashion EXPLODED with maxi dresses? Stores still carry a ton of them, but this spring they're making way for their bohemian little sister-the maxi skirt. I have seen tons of celebrities sporting this look, as well as editorials in fashion mags. I actually have a beautiful maxi skirt that I got from my mom (can't remember if I 'borrowed' it, or she gave it to me, lol) about three years ago so I'm pretty excited that it's now fashionable to wear it.
Here are a few tips for sporting the maxi skirt trend without looking like you just escaped from a commune (well, at least not in a bad way anyways) :

1. If your skirt is on the full side (most of them are, it's pretty hard to walk in a tight maxi skirt) tuck in your shirt and also think about adding a belt. This polishes your look and keeps you from looking messy or like you're just wearing a bag.

2. Wear bold accessories, but don't go overboard. If you're wearing a statement necklace, don't wear huge earrings. I wore mine without a necklace but with earrings and bangles.

3. Wear flats. I have actually seen a lot of celebrities wearing theirs with heels, but personally I think it looks weird. It's a boho look...and no self-respecting bohemian would sacrifice their comfort to wear heels!

4. Make sure it's long enough-and unless it's too long, don't put it in the dryer-even if the tag says you can!!! Yep that's right...a few years ago I bought a stunning orange tie-dye maxi dress that looked amazing. I wore it once...washed and dried it (since it was just cotton jersey material) and when it came out of the dryer, it was the equivalent of a dress capri. A floor-length dress or skirt makes you look tall and elegant-a dress or skirt that hits you mid-calf makes you look stubby. FAIL!! Ladies, please let your maxis air dry.

 I paired mine with a white tee and a belt, with flat gold sandals.
 Since I went light on the accessories and opted for pearl studs, I added a headband to further my boho look.
Here's another idea...use a lightweight necklace as a headband-this is actually a necklace that my sister got me when I was in middle school!!

Here is Drew Barrymore rocking her maxi skirt-I love how she put this outfit together (or how her stylist did anyways)

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