Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toddler Tuesday

There were times over the past year that I have literally thought in anguish, "I HAVE A MEAN CHILD!!!" The terrible twos can be very trying. Sometimes it seems like two-year-olds do or say things to purposely be mean- "Give mommy a kiss goodnight." "NOOOooooooo!!! Bad mommy!"
But the intentional meanness and unwillingness to cooperate seems to be fading, and my sweet baby boy is coming out more and more. I'm crossing my fingers that maybe we have made it through the worst of the terrible twos. It actually seems like with each passing day Gabriel is becoming funnier, cuter, and just all-around more amazing to be around.
For toddler Tuesday this week, I have came up with a list of Gabriel-isms that I love most, along with their translation, for those that don't happen to speak G-baby.

"Iyah no SEE it..." (throws hands up while looking around) Translation: "I can't find it. It's not where you said it would be Mommy. You're crazy."

"PehPATT!!" Translation: York Peppermint Patty. And I'm extremely happy about it.

"Mommy-Dada, Pop pop pop! Mommy-Dada, Pop pop pop!" Translation: There is no translation really. It's the first little song he's made up, and he likes to sing it in the car. My husband and I hope it's not a song about shooting us, but we can't quite be sure.

"Ayah FEEK out!!" Translation: "I am freaking out!!!" He usually says this whenever other children are around. He still doesn't know what to think about other kids. It's not good, it's not bad, it's just freaking out.

"ayah OVE motcycles, jeeps, bue." Translation: "I love motorcycles, jeeps, and the color blue." He busts out with this statement a couple times a day, for no particular reason. In the middle eating a plate of mac and cheese...(puts for down) "ayah OVE motcycles, jeeps, bue." (picks fork up, finishes eating)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!


Michelle said...

That is adorable!! I love the isms list! Very entertaining!

Anonymous said...

That's my boy! You forgot about "peace out!" Which translates to "enough of you!" at least I think that is his intent.

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE! I found your blog through my friend Olga :)

My son is soo into motorcycles and "BIKES!!". Oh now, We are going to have trouble!!! :)

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