Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Want it Wednesday

Check out this notepad from I really think my husband and I would have way too much fun with this, hehe.

Theory "Matoilyn" Rigged Stripe Cardigan
I love that this cardi-blazer (not a word, just what I would personally call this) is structured-looking, not feeling! Made from a knit, so you can get the chicness of a blazer without feeling know, blazery (another made up word, but if you love blazers like I do, you get it). LOVE the summer color too!
Theory (At Bloomindales)-$120

Patterson J. Kincaid "Carmela" Strapless Dress
Something about the romantic way this dress is designed caught my eye. Now, the more I look at it, the more I like it.

Perfect shirt in Casbah paisley
If I buy one item for my closet this fall, I hope to God it's a paisley long sleeve button-down. This one from J.Crew-$88 is in a to-dye-for color.

Muse Embellished Print Jersey Sheath Dress


Ethnic Applique Vegan Tote Bag
I *LOVES* this bag from fashion-conscience ($104.51). You have got to check their site out-it is FILLED with amazing stuff.




Cat said...

Love your "want its"! My fav is that pad ... I can think of a number of occasions that it could have come in handy ;)

♥ Cat brideblu

Katie said...

That first sweater is gorgeous! xo