Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Beachy

Well...we are back from the beach, and instead of telling you how much G baby was terrified of the ocean and how my Dad ended up taking my brother to Urgent Care for Strep Throat, I will show yous guys these nice pictures, mmmkay?

 Thumbs up while frowning? Thumbs down while smiling? Silly boys!

 We went to the Pine Knolls Shore NC Aquarium, here the G baby is being held up by his Uncle Kendrick to see some fish.

My husband made himself into a mermaid...

Every beach trip, my dad takes us 'crabbing'. Is this a real nautical sport? I dunno. We don't keep and/or eat the crabs. Simple throw out some string with a piece of chicken tied to it, let the crab latch on with his claws, pull him in, and try to quickly catch him in your net. Watch how pissed off the crab is, and then let him go safely back into the water to live his life. Gabriel loved it. 
Me and the husband : )

He was 'shooting' his aunt Meg. REALLY?

Hope everyone is having a great Monday : )



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