Monday, August 8, 2011

IFB Project #8: Cherish Your Friendships

Okay, this my be the 8th project designated by Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB), but as a new member, it's the first one for me!
This project asks us to talk about our best friend and their sense of style-and it just seemed right to me to do this project about my sister Megan.
Megan has always been a style risk-taker. Two years ahead of me in high school, I was the quiet sophomore explaining to everyone why she was wearing her hair in spray-painted neon spikes. (In her defense, it was spirit week) Never afraid to chop off her hair, it's a good thing she has a strong enough face to rock a short hair cut with ease. As we've gotten older, her style has relaxed but is still fashionable with an edge. She doesn't really care about trends and stays true to herself-no skinny jeans, platform pumps, or statement necklaces for her, she sticks to what she likes. Sure, she knows how to put an outfit together, but what I have long-loved the most about her way of dressing is that she is one of those rare girls that looks comfortable in her own skin. From belly tops in high school to teeny bikinis to this day, I have always looked to Megan as a role model for how you should feel in what you're wearing-comfortable and confident. There is no style or trend that looks as beautiful on a woman as feeling at ease in your own skin.
                             Black lace mini-dress for her X-mas photos with her husband. LOVE her hair here.

I think this was actually a costume party of some sort-but she still looks great!

Okay, check out this pic circa 2002-she was rocking a majorette denim jacket WAYYY before the whole military trend caught on!
                                              White shirt dress with flats for her bridal shower-so pretty!
                                   A recent outfit-preppy but still funky with the shell earrings
In fact, if there's one thing you can always count on with Megan's style, it's big earrings...(and the occasional bright stripe of hair)

This was her PROM dress-and this was wayyy before it was 'cool' to wear something different than a sparkly floor-length pink ball gown to prom ; )

photo by Lauren D Rogers
                                                                 Her wedding style!
From knitted hats to dangly earrings to black lace, that's my sister! Love my BFF, and her style!



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Lauren said...

I love that at least 4 or 5 of these are actually my photos :)

I've always been jealous of my bestie's ability to rock the short hair. I would have to say that the two of you were probably my biggest fashion influences :) Such stylish sisters!

Life as Leah said...

yeah...I thought maybe some of them were, I jacked almost all of them off of her facebook page!