Friday, July 8, 2011

a REAL peek at my life. (And ya know, a little outfit of the day)

"What's UP BOYYYEE???"
That is the new thing that my toddler keeps saying to me and my husband, and all of his stuffed and plastic animals, and strangers...and his grandma...and pretty much everything, male or not. Picking up the term, "what's up" seems pretty normal, but where the over-emphasized "BOY" has came from, your guess is as good as mine.

Here is my outfit of the day-a REAL look at it. I didn't get any good pictures. But at least you can see me and the G baby really doin our thang.
check him out in the mirror-lol

and as you can see, this is why that mirror is so filthy.


So I tried to get my husband to take a pic for me outside...but check it out-it is so horrifically hot and humid out here that my camera lens fogged up! This was about 9 a.m. and it was already 90 degrees.

This morning, our little family went to meet up with the parents of a good friend of ours (who lives out of state now) because they own a house in the area that they are doing some work on and my husband is helping them. This is the first time that I and Gabriel have met them, so I was expecting the usual shy-Gabriel-wanting me to hold him, refusing to speak, etc. The funny thing is, our friend's Dad is over six feet tall and built like a pro footballer-not the least scary stranger for a little G baby to meet. Not five minutes after we arrived at their house, the G baby is hand in hand with him looking around their house! I could tell he was scared, but also totally into it our he would have started crying. I won't lie-seeing the G baby out of his comfort zone makes me feel good inside-I enjoy seeing him squirm! Plus it's good for him. After we left, he said that they were 'rea nice', which is big, because he has a nasty habit of announcing that he doesn't like people-even if he does.

After that we embark on our weekly Wal-mart giant grocery run, where I insanely try to do my grocery shopping for the whole week in one trip. We were out dangerously close to the G baby's naptime so I shopped at lightning speed. His patience to ride in the cart ran out right at checkout, so I let him out. He went about 20 feet away directly across from me and was checking out a gumball machine, when to my surprise-a lady came up to him, gave him a quarter, and showed him how to get a gumball out! He couldn't believe his luck! I couldn't believe that she didn't ask me! It was really nice of her, and he does actually understand about chewing gum but not swallowing, but I still couldn't believe it-I wouldn't have the balls to assume that it was okay for me to buy someone's child a piece of gum. So, he happily chewed his gumball as he left the store and I can only pray that he at least said 'thank you'.

He is now napping in his BIG BOY BED that we set up yesterday. Yes, he was sleeping into a crib until now. But if it ain't broke-don't fix it.
He never tried to escape his crib, but since he is finally potty-trained, we are ready to stop using diapers at night, and he needs to be able to visit the bathroom at his own leisure. That being said, I have all of his bedding from last night in the dryer right now because he somehow wet the bed early this morning in the one area that I didn't have a waterproof pad down under the sheet-where his head was supposed to go!!
But did you read about the great wooly worm migration of 2011 ??? That kid can travel while he is snoozing.

gumballs and big boy beds xoxo,


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