Saturday, July 23, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Shhh...don't tell

So...this dress that I am wearing below may or may not be leftover from my stash maternity clothes that I wore while pregnant with the G baby...and I may or may not make it a habit to wear my preggie clothes still because they happen to be extremely comfortable...shhh...

Dress-Old navy (maternity, hehe)
Threaded earrings-Old navy (and a gift from my bff)

Happy comfy dress wearing!

Momma Go Round


Modern Wivelyhood said...

Love that color! I wouldn't have ever guessed it was a maternity dress!

Anonymous said...

maternity?! Are you for REALZ?! That's suuuuper cute and so are you!

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

so cute...would have never known! You pull it off well.