Friday, July 22, 2011

Need some Nude

This post is for my BFF Lauren. She's not a shopper, in fact, when I remember back to our high school/rooming together in college days, I seem to feel like there was a lot of dragging her by the hair anytime I wanted to go to the mall. So when she comes to me with a 'hey yo, I really want to buy a nude-colored dress, where can I find one at?' I am gonna get on the ball.
I love the idea of a nude dress...they're classic and chic and they BEG for you to show off your brightly colored shoes and accessories. So...if you are also in the market for one, or are reading this post thinking, 'hey I could use one of those''s my picks!

Serendipity Mocha Brown Dress

ASOS Pencil Dress with Tulip Skirt

Image 1 of Vero Moda One Shoulder Drape Hip Dress

                                                          Shop Akira-$56.90

Walk In Closet Boutique-$50

Toga dress
J. Crew-$99.99 (But extra 40% off)

Silk serenade dress
J. Crew-$49.99 (Extra 40% off)

Happy Shopping!!!



LMease said...

Sunshine!! Thanks so much for doing this for me. You actually have a few shown here that I really like and I am going to look into. Next task, grey dress. :)
And I've got some great news about work--that commission $ is starting to come in more and more.. so maybe 1st or 2nd quarter next year I can afford to use you as a personal shopper for hire!!

Marissa Joy said...

Love all these dresses!

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