Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A little beauty help when it's just too hot for makeup...

I meant to post this back around the time of our last beach trip, but I totally forgot. So in light of the fact that the high for my area today is 100 degrees (with a warning that the heat index is going to be 112) here it is!

Naturally, the best way to go when it is super hot and you are spending time outside (at the beach, for instance) is makeup free. BUT...I mean, come on...as a girl who went to a college that was just minutes away from Wrightsville Beach, N.C., I went on my fair share of 'beach dates'. Along the way, I have learned a few tricks to enhance your beauty in ways that don't require heavy makeup.
Here are some of my favorite hot-weather/beach products:

I am pretty O.K. with skipping eye makeup and mascara at the beach. However, I usually have at least some spots on my face that I just don't want the whole world to see! As someone that is prone to breaking-out, the first and foremost rule for what I use on my face when it's scorching outside is NONCOMEDOGENIC. That means that it will not block up your pores and cause acne.

First, I use sunscreen that is oil-free and of course, noncomedogenic. Since Neutrogena is the #1 recommended brand by dermatologists when it comes to skin-clearing products, I try to stick with it.

On top of the sunscreen, I use Neutrogena healthy skin compact foundation as a spot-concealer for any trouble spots I am having. It is actually a SPF 55, so I love using it on the dark spots that I have around my mouth from being pregnant, because I know it not only covers them up but keeps them from worsening. It is also noncomedogenic, yay! This way I can cover up imperfections without having to use heavy foundation.

I also love Aveeno tinted  moisturizer. If my face is in pretty bad shape due to a breakout, I use it instead of sunscreen. Why? Because it is SPF 30 (same as my sunscreen) and it works as a light foundation. It's also noncomedogenic, so I don't have to worry about it causing my skin to worsen like I would a normal foundation. I used this one of the days that I was at the beach and feeling self-conscious about my skin, and it kept me sunburn free.

After I have my skin looking great with the products above, I use a lip product that gives me a little color and also sun protection, because my lips almost always get sunburnt! (My husband says it's because they stick out so far, lol) I like Covergirl's Nature Luxe line, but Rimmel actually makes a lipgloss that has an SPF 15 that I've mentioned in this post! I have used this stuff a lot since buying it, and I have to say, it's pretty amazing.

Here's to looking beautiful without loads of makeup soaking into your pores...XOXO,



Brooke said...

This is so great! I'm going to have to try this because Charlotte is killing me. I almost passed out just walking to the park ha

Lauren said...

I grabbed some of that Aveeno tinted moisturizer yesterday. I've been looking for a good brand that isn't too oily but doesn't dry my skin out the way foundation does. Thanks for the tip!