Sunday, July 3, 2011

Loreal Hip Eye Color Review

Loreal HIP Bright Duo Eyecolor Review

 I have tried the HIP line by Loreal before, in a shimmer-a pale gold/bronze combo that I really love! I have been really wanting to try more from them, the only thing holding me back was the price-almost eight bucks for two shadow colors is a little much for me-unless they're great!
 Here is just the gold on, which I put on first. It has a nice shimmer and is a true gold color-not just a wash of shimmer, but actual color! I really like the gold-this color I would give a 4 out of 5!

This is the purple-it's pretty matte, which makes it kind of hard to blend. The color is pretty good. The shade was pretty, but it was not any more opaque or high intensity than the cheapie $3 Wet'N'Wild I blogged about here.
I would give the purple color a 3 out of 4.
 I did like the color combination though...and I am planning on trying more of these-this one was ok, but I am hoping for better next time!

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Economy of Style said...

Gorgeous! I love these duos, but I don't have this one yet. I especially like when they are on sale in Walgreens. You can stock up then.