Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Business Casual

Yesterday, we visited Wingate University School of Pharmacy where my husband currently works hard on his Doctorate of Pharmacy degree (well...not currently, he's out for the summer, heck yeah!) to turn in some paperwork for my husband's financial aid. They have been building a HUGE new building for his school and it looks ridiculous-I mean, we checked out a lecture room-the computer in the front of the room at the podium is MOTION-CENSORED and turns on when you walk up to it.
Gabriel really enjoyed walking around and looking at all the cool gadget-y stuff. He kept saying, "REA BIG LIGHT MOMMY!" (They had these huge disc-like light fixtures hanging from the ceiling all over the place)
The professors and students at my husband's school adhere to a business casual dress code-that means no tanks, shorts, or jeans! Even though school is pretty much not going on over there at the moment, we didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb, so we tried to stick to the dress code.
This is what I wore:

Orchid colored T-shirt-Belk
Cream and Gold beaded necklace-Belk
Pocket mint green and white skirt-Target
Leopard flats-Wal-mart
(I also wore my teeny pearl studs, gifted by my mother-in-law!)
 I freakin love this necklace. On a fateful day last fall, I walked into Belk and saw this on the clearance rack. I bought it for about $8 (Originally $42) and it has been making my boring outfits fabulous ever since.

I am linking up with No Model Lady this week for her awesome "All Dressed Up" linky party. How awesome is it to see what other women are wearing?



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Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts said...

Super cute skirt, that is THE cutest! Oh my gosh! Gorgeous hair too :) I found ya from No Model lady, have a fabulous day!