Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toddler Tuesday

Dear G baby,

I'm not going to lie, this has not been your best week. You have a HUGE problem with backtalk, and your dada and I are just not down with it. It's like you will try your best to be disrespectful, even if it doesn't make sense. "Let's try to use the potty before naptime."
 Ok, that one kinda makes sense, because you don't want to use the potty, OR take a nap. But how about this one:
"Do you want pancakes or cereal for breakfast?"
"I NO LIKE PANCAKES. (lie) I NO LIKE CERUL. (another lie) MEAN NICE MOMMY...I want pancakes."
WTF??? Why not just say pancakes and get it over with?
But, you have been very loving this week as well, running up to us at random times with a hug and saying, "I ove you so much Dada-Mommy!" You have also taken to telling us when you feel very happy by singing a little song, "I happy now! I happy now!"
This Saturday, we are leaving for a week at the beach with Grandpa and your Aunt Meg and your two Uncles, and I have been hyping this trip to you for months. It will be your first time seeing the ocean in all it's blue-green glory. I hope the power of the waves and the swirling colors of the sea awe and inspire you the way they always have me.

Love you G baby,


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