Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toddler Tuesday

Oh G baby,

You little trickster, you. Every day you are ready to prank me or your dad at every move. You tell us 'yes' when you really mean 'no', you tell us 'no' when you really mean 'yes'. You slyly say, "ayah don't kn-ow!" when we ask you a question that you don't want to answer. The other day you made fun of your Dada while he was in the other room by picking his wedding band off of the dresser (he was in the bathroom washing his face) and putting it on your index finger and saying in a deep voice, "Look mommy, ayah DEEEEDAAAAA, ayah DEEDAA". Today you did it again but while wearing his shoes this time. It's so funny that you not only use the voice but also change his name a little to make it sound sillier, by saying "Deeda" instead of your usual 'Dada'.
You walk around the house pretending that you misplaced your precious blue blanket-baby when you really know he is in the back of your ride-on tractor the whole time. When we play outside I see you out of the corner or my eye sneak a taste of a piece of grass, make a disgusted face and spit it out, and then two minutes later you are trying to get me to eat some, telling me that it tastes 'REA GOOD!'
And of course, when I try to take a picture of you for my Picture of the Day today, you make funny faces.

Love you bumble,


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Anonymous said...

Like when he forced black jelly beans in my mouth and tried telling me they were good, but when i tried to get him to eat one, he said, "no, nasty"???