Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toddler Tuesday

G baby,

This is the week that I can finally say that you are completely pottytrained-and no offense, but I have to say that I didn't think you would make it before you turned 3! (Because two months ago, you were completely insulted by the idea of using the potty AT ALL) We moved you to your big boy bed six days ago and after only two bed wettings, you are all good! I will not lie, you have your dad to thank for this. As soon as his semester was finished, he stepped in and forced you to become a man, which is exactly what you needed. I often wonder where this life will lead us with such a strong, wise, and dedicated man at our helm.
Although you were REALLY mad that we were putting your crib away, you love your big boy bed! And I'd really like to thank you for not screwing with your parents by getting out when you are supposed to be napping or down for the night, though you could. Your sleeping habits are one of the things that I am most proud of as a mother, considering we had such a rough start with the no-amount-of-rocking-will-put-my-ass-to-sleep infant that you used to be before we finally resorted to putting you in your crib awake and letting you drift off by yourself. Again, thank you Dada.
Yesterday, you filled me in on the list of 'bad words' that you know. It took everything I had not to die laughing as you looked suspiciously around and whispered, "sonbitch?"
"Yes Gabriel, that is a bad word."
"dou-bag?" ('douche bag'.....thanks Uncle Ben!!!)
"Yes Gabriel, that is a bad word too."
"hush up ye mouth?"
Lol. That last one you get in trouble for saying because obviously it's disrespectful, even though it's technically not a bad word per se. What's really funny is that I know you picked it up from one of your favorite Dr. Seuss books, Yertle the Turtle, because the mean turtle tyrant king yells it at one of the other turtles.
I find it interesting that you have some bad words stored in your memory but hardly ever say them out loud.
And, as I was editing the pictures that I'm going to include in this post, you say, "My haaaaat! My sunglasses! Sexy!"
That is all.


Shutting me out of boys' workout time

It looks like he's pouting, but this is actually his 'feeling the music' face. Notice the little hands? He's dancing!

"Ayah like dis song"


Tessa Sims said...

That's great he is potty trained!! Evan turns 3 August 25 and I'm just now brave enough to put regular undies during the day. Hopefully he will be completely potty trained soon too! By the way I love your blog!

The.Red.See said...

Aww too cute! Congrats!