Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"One Lovely Blog" award

Recently, Carmen from RoCa and Company was kind enough to choose Life as Leah as one of the fifteen blogs that she awarded the "One Lovely Blog" award to! Carmen is a new blogger herself, but she already has a ton of great craft and sewing tutorials-this one is my favorite so far!
Thank you Carmen, it means a lot to this rookie!

The idea of this award is to share 7 fun facts about yourself, and then choose your own list of blogs to pass this award to! So, here goes...

1. I do most of my thinking in the car. I feel like a lot of people say that, but the extent to which it is true for me is disconcerting. It's almost as if I am kind of in a haze everywhere else and as soon as I start staring out the window and see the trees rolling by-BAM! I am hit with thoughts, and emotions, and ideas. On the way to my last trip to the beach I found myself scribbling notes in my car manual from out of my glove box since it was the only paper around.

2. I hardly ever yell. Save for nonsensical made-up songs that I sing around the house as I clean, cook, or play with the G baby, I'm a pretty quiet person.

3. Even though I can look in the mirror and see with my own two eyes that my body has NOT changed for the better after having a child, for some reason I feel so much more confident than I did before.

4. As a believer of God, sometimes I struggle with the meaning of this life on earth. It's hard for me to find a balance between how much I should care about this world and how much I shouldn't. I am currently reading Ecclesiastes in my quest to read my bible front to back in entirety and I find so many of the passages haunting-so full of hope and hopelessness.

5. My hair is my security blanket. Being tall and pretty straight (not to mention flat-chested after a year of breastfeeding a gluttonous milk monster), sometimes I feel like I need my hair to be long to give me some femininity. It's like I can agree that short hairstyles look amazing on some other people but I couldn't do it myself because I would never be that brave. If I didn't have to cut it to keep it healthy, my hair would probably be past my bootay.

6. I have had only one celebrity crush in my adult life-Timothy Olyphant. Most people don't know who that is. If you are a red-blooded woman, you should probably google him, stat!

7. My deepest regret is not taking college seriously. I spent way too much time partying, which isn't exactly what I regret, but that kept me from studying and doing my best, which I DO regret. Seeing my husband work so hard on his pharmacy studies and his last couple years of his undergrad struck a chord deep within me-there is so much fulfillment in knowing you are doing your best and I really missed out on that. At the time it never occurred to me that I had such a rich opportunity to learn-and I can never get that time back. Not to say that I didn't enjoy college life  ; )

Now, for the lovely blogs:
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As someone relatively new to the blogging community, it really is so inspiring to see how many talented and creative people are out there.



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Olga said...

Thanks for tagging me on this lady. I will have to post my 7 things, hopefully by the end of this week ;)