Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

This would make an awesome gift! It's handmade and so cute!
Hello Ladies!
Welcome to Thrifty Thursday, where I show you my great web finds for the week! I have to say, I am pretty stoked about this week in particular. You are really going to want to check out some of the stores that I featured these items from-many I have only recently heard about, so there might be some new shopping site gems in here for you too!

Milly's Scalloped Flask-Spotted Moth $22.99

For a unique and rich look, these are a great price!

Leopard Harem Pants-Mikkat Market-$33
Love the print on this dress, and the silhouette. Less than forty bucks!

Tetris Dress in $36
So beautiful and ladylike.

Sweet honeysuckle tunic-ShopRuche $36.99
This dress is mad cute. Under $20!

Summer Tiki Dress-Forever21 $17.80

Embroidered Linen Poncho-Forever21 $27.90

Cropped Leopard Blazer-Love Culture $19.99
These are on sale for fifteen dollars! They come in three different colors...amazing buy!

Ecote Gladiator-Urban Outfitters $14.99
I have been stalking this dress at both UO online AND in the store! And now it's on sale!

Cooperative Tank Dress-$19.99

Printed Blazer-Zara $49,99



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