Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I finally bought some new clothes. Thank you Target. It's funny, because a lot of times I ask myself why I continue to buy so many clothes from Target even though I would rather support privately-owned small boutiques more often, since I find the initiative in going for your dreams and opening one so inspiring. But when it comes down to it...I am never disappointed in my Target purchases. Sure, sometimes I go in there and see literally nothing that I want to buy, but a lot of my favorite pieces of clothing are little gems that I have scored from the retail giant.'s to you, Target!

(Sorry again for the picture quality. I had the camera set on the wrong settings and didn't know until I was finished, and exhausted. Even posing for pics is a little much for this pregnant lady at the moment.)
 Tee Dress-Target (buy here)
Booties-Target (buy here)
Scarf-Dollar General

Side note: My husband hates these shoes. If you buy leopard platforms, the man in your life is more than likely going to hate them. But I know that men don't know balls about style, so I say...suck it, husband!




Susan said...

I'm sorry to hear you're exhausted - those first few months! Ugh.
You still look always.

Dusty said...

and some husbands were socks with sandles, so you're right, suck it husbands! Love the look!

caramelchica said...

LOL, my husband hates leopard print, period!
Looking good! Hope you got a good nap ;)

Cerrisse said...

Love Target! You got the good pregnant genes!
And Ya my husband says he wouldn't hang around me if I wore a fedora hat, he thinks they are so ugly. Men don't know ;)