Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Glittering Green and Gold Tutorial

I tried this eye makeup out last week after seeing it on Frieda Pinto in Instyle magazine. As always, her eyes were center stage in the picture. This makeup look features shimmery dark green eyeshadow over a gold-yellow base. 

I would have loved to make a video tutorial, but it's kinda hard with a three-year old running amok in the house. And the last thing I want to do during his naptime is put on makeup! Also, please don't judge me for my naked face in the first few pics-no one likes a hater!

Okay...first, you want to take a dark brown eye pencil and line your top lids to anchor this color and give your eyes some definition. Sometimes using colored shadow looks weird when you don't have a well-defined eye.

                                                                (After brown eye pencil)

Next, you are going to take a yellow-gold shadow and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes and sweep it all the way across your brow bone.
 Start here.....                                                          and end here.

                                This is how your gold base should look.

Next you apply your green. Go for a dark olive or emerald color. You are going to start at the outer corner of your eye slightly father out than your lashline (first pic) and bring the color in over the crease of your eye (second pic).

                  Take a lighter color green and sweep across your lid where there is no shadow left.
                       Then take the first color that you used-the gold, and just blend a little more into the green on in the corner of your lid.
                                 Sweep some of the gold shadow on your lower lashline as a liner.
                                    Trace over the gold with the same brown pencil you used on the top lashline. Then take either a green pencil or your dark green eyeshadow and add a tiny bit of green to the outer corner of your lower lashline. Then just follow with mascara!

If you try this, let me know how it goes!!!


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Annie @ Wattlebird said...

This is really cute! Now let's see if I can pull it off.. haha

chestnutmocha said...

very pretty! love green!